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The Essential Christmas Card Guide: The 2019 Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is the perfect time to get crafty and give cards and gifts that really count. No matter how old or young you are, everybody loves handmade Christmas cards. To help you get inspired and get thinking, we’ve comprised the ultimate guide to all things Christmassy.

Find out how to make Christmas cards, how to display Christmas cards and every question in between right here. What’s more, we’ve gone to the trouble to find some of the best Christmas cards around, so you don’t have to. (Tis the season, after all.)

Whether you’re a DIY Christmas card novice, or know your stuff and simply want to get inspired, find everything you need right here.


All the Answers to your Christmas Card Questions…

Where to Recycle Christmas Cards?
Can Glitter Cards be Recycled?
What to Write in Christmas Card
Examples of What to Write in Christmas card
How to Display Christmas Cards
How to Make Christmas cards


Find the Perfect Christmas Card for your Loved One…


Unique Cards

Luxury Christmas Cards
DIY Christmas Cards


For Parents

For Mum and Dad
For Grandparents


For Her

Christmas Cards for Mum
Christmas Cards for Wife
Christmas Cards for Daughter
Christmas Cards for Sister
Christmas Cards for Girlfriend


For Him

Christmas Cards for Husband
Christmas Cards for Dad
Christmas Cards for Son
Christmas Cards for BrotherChristmas Cards for Boyfriend
Christmas Cards for Fiancé


With Animals

Christmas Cards with Cats
Christmas Cards With Dogs
Christmas Cards with Robins
Christmas Cards with Pandas
Christmas Cards With Hedgehogs



Where to Recycle Christmas Cards?

You can recycle Christmas cards at your local recycling
depot as long as the card is entirely made of cardboard. For example, if your
card has a 3D image, or uses glue or glitter then it will have to be disposed
of with household waste.


Can Glitter Cards be Recycled?

No, glitter cannot be recycled. It can contaminate the whole
lorry bin so avoid this!


What to Write in Christmas Card

A Christmas card is usually given as a gesture of goodwill and good wishes, which allows you to stay in touch with friends, family, and acquaintances. For many people, a Christmas card may be the only time of year that people reconnect.

Those who struggle with words may find writing Christmas
cards a tricky business. It shouldn’t be a hassle, but if you aren’t a
wordsmith at heart, get some inspiration here on what to write in a Christmas

TOP TIP: Try and make your message as personal as possible, if you can! Consider wishing the recipient good luck or best wishes depending on any new developments you’ve heard about this year.


Examples of What to Write in Christmas card

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Wishing you joy and peace this Christmas time

Wishing you all the best for the year ahead

Wishing you peace, joy and love this Christmas

Have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year!

Wishing you all the best for the festive season!

Happy Christmas!

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and hope to see you soon


How to Display Christmas Cards

The great thing about Christmas cards is that they can be a
Christmas display in their own right. Depending on how you display your
Christmas cards, you can transform your home and spread the feeling of goodwill
with cards you’ve received from friends and loved ones. Here are some ideas for
how to display your Christmas cards.


5 Ways to Display Christmas cards

You may be wondering how do you display Christmas cards?

Not to worry as we’ve got some great suggestions below. Some
ways you can display your Christmas cards include:


  • A Christmas card
  • On the mantelpiece
  • Attached to a door
  • On windowsills
  • Hanging from festive

TOP TIP: Stick your cards on a door inside the house in a pattern to make a feature door for the festive season!


How to Make Christmas Cards

Making a Christmas card doesn’t need to be a chore. You can make it as festive and creative as you like. You can also keep it as simple and straightforward as you like, too. The possibilities are pretty much endless!

There are a few essentials for making a Christmas card. Find


  • Plain card/ plain set
    of cards & envelopes
  • Scissors
  • Pencils & pens
  • Colourful card &
  • Old Christmas cards
  • Stamps & Ink

TOP TIP: Keep to these products if you want to recycle the cards.

If you want to get more creative, bear in mind that the
following items cannot be recycled.


  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Old Christmas wrapping
  • Old Christmas cards
  • 3D stickers
  • Beads
  • String
  • Buttons

Once you have these essentials, the rest is up to you. If
you want to make your own Christmas cards, get some ideas for handmade Christmas cards


  • Create a Christmas
  • Make a snowman card
  • Use Christmas-themed
  • Layer different card
    to make an image
  • Make an origami themed
  • Use pom-poms for a
    Rudolph card

This article has some brilliant suggestions for handmade Christmas card ideas.


Christmas Card Round-Up


Luxury Christmas Cards


Send some Christmas cheer with this idyllic stag scene depicted in foil. The ultimate card of luxury this Christmas.


Traditional rich autumn
tones can be found in this intricate design of a Christmas wreath, with hints
of gold giving a touch of luxury to this beautiful


This sweet and cheery bunny design gives the gift of luxury with a sparkling scene. Buy these in bulk to share the Christmas cheer.


For luxury handmade Christmas cards, look no further! This stunning 3D design is the ultimate gift this Christmas, with a sumptuous wreath on a luxury background a piece of art in itself.


DIY Christmas Cards


This stunning handmade owl card is the perfect choice this Christmas to give something more personal.


This cheerful DIY snowman will bring a smile to anyone’s face this Christmas.


This simplistic pretty design with glitter tape is perfect for a rookie in DIY Christmas cards. Make it yourself or buy here buy it here.


This fun design doesn’t need a creative brainbox to recreate! A fantastic option for a mess-free Christmas card, all you need is some customised Christmas tape and you’re away.


This charming button snowman design won’t take too long to make and isn’t too messy. Everyone can get creative with this fun option!


This utterly delightful handprint holly card is brilliant for children of all ages to make. It will give a personal touch to each and every card, too.


For the spud lovers, this brilliant potato stamp penguin card is sure to raise a smile.


Christmas Cards for Mum


Mum Christmas card designs aren’t hard to find. This delightful image of a hare in the moonlight is the perfect card for any Mum this Christmas.


This delightful card is both personal and festive and great for any Mum. Full of the colours of Christmas, it makes the ideal card to give.


This elegant design gets back to nature but still lets your Mum know how much you mean to her. Find it here.


If your Mum sees the funny side of having a hectic household, this is the card to choose! If your house turns into a madhouse at Christmas, give this card to bring a smile.


Christmas Cards for Wife


This delicate design is the perfect handmade Christmas card to give to your wife. Both complimentary and thoughtful, it’s an ideal way to show how much she means to you this year.


This contemporary and classy design is perfect to give to your other half this Christmas. With a bold glittery star design entwined with mistletoe, it sums up how special Christmas is.


Keep things traditional with this Christmas wreath in traditional Christmas colours. This intricate design is hand finished and sure to be appreciated.


This lovely Christmas garland is a piece of art in itself, and will sit pride of place on any fireplace or mantelpiece at Christmas time. Finished with a touch of golden glitter, give something special this Christmas.


Christmas Cards for Daughter


This delightful panda Christmas card is perfect for your daughter, depicting a cuddly Christmas animal with added gems for a final festive touch.


For those who like to say it all with a card, this Christmas card for daughter comes with a delightful Christmas message.


This gorgeous design is both festive and bright, depicting a beautiful deer, and is a card that any daughter would be happy to receive.


Daughters first Christmas cards are a brilliant way to make this year extra special. Give a card that your daughter can keep for years to come.


Christmas Cards for Sister


This charming cat garland card is perfect for your sister if they’re a cat lover.


This delightful card would be happily received. Remind your sister of how much you mean to her this Christmas.


This cheery card is great for any sister, depicting a Christmas present. It’s sure to bring a smile to your sister’s face.


Christmas Cards for Girlfriend


Christmas is the perfect opportunity to remind your girlfriend of how much she means to you. This card does just that.


This sweet card comes with plenty of Christmas cheer and can show your appreciative side this Christmas.


Lovebirds will love this lovely Christmas scene with two robins. Give this card to your girlfriend this Christmas and say all you need to say.


Perfect for those spending their first Christmas together, this sweet card will remind your other half of how special they are as you spend Christmas time together. Find this lovely handmade squirrel card here.



Christmas Cards for Husband


Any husband would be happy to receive this festive Christmas card as a merry reminder of all the treats to come this Christmas.


This subtle and sweet design is a great choice this Christmas and keeps things personal too. The watercolour design brings out the colours of a Christmas wreath without going overboard!


Make him smile with this funny card for couples at Christmas, as you celebrate another milestone together.


This brilliantly festive card design adds a touch of glamour with gold embossed lettering and silvery stars. After all, your husband deserves the best this Christmas!


Christmas Cards for Dad


Don’t forget about the favourite man in your life this Christmas! This beautiful card will stand out amongst handmade Christmas cards. It is ideal to give at Christmas, depicting all Christmas is about, with festive food, drink and celebrations.


This bright and cheerful choice will light up any mantelpiece and is a fun card for any Dad to receive.


Simple and seasonal, say it all with this frosty scene for your Dad this Christmas.


This artistic design incorporates all the colours of Christmas. Give this jolly offering to your Dad this Christmas to wish him the best for the year to come.


Christmas Cards for Son


Bring a smile to your son’s face with this cheerful, personalised polar bear. The added gingham adds some Christmas cheer to this snowy number.


This delightful Christmas card for your son goes down the more traditional route, with a classic winter scene full of sentiment, with an additional inside message, too.


This lovely panda design is a perfect choice for your son to bring a touch of Christmas cheer. The message on the balloon will let your son know how much you mean to him this Christmas time.


The classic Christmas colours are what this card is all about. Let the bold message do all the talking so your son knows how much you mean to him.


Christmas Cards for Brother


Say it all with this card and show some brotherly love this Christmas.


This letterpress card is great for any brother this Christmas.


This blue Christmas garland card is a thoughtful choice that any brother would be happy to receive this Christmas.


Christmas Cards for Boyfriend


Smart and festive, this fair isle pattern keeps thing cosy and is a perfect card to give to your boyfriend this Christmas.


Sweet and funny, this is a great card to give to your boyfriend along with plenty of yuletide wishes.


Keep it personal with this great personalised option this Christmas. Any boyfriend would be lucky to receive it!


This jolly option keeps things simple and can be kept as a memento of the festive season.


Christmas Cards for Fiancé


Let him know how much you care this Christmas with a lovely card for your fiancé. You can personalise this card with some of your favourite photos, too. What’s not to love?


This rich red design is perfect to give to your spouse-to-be and has a lovely feature of two reindeer in the centre. Merry and bright, it’ll bring all the festive sparkle you need.


If your fiancé is just your type, let them know with this simple Christmas card in a typewriter font. Left blank for your own message, it brings a handmade touch.


This card will serve as a festive reminder of all that is to come. Any future husband or bride to be would love to mark the occasion with this botanical design.


Christmas Cards for Grandparents


No matter how little or often you manage to see your grandparents, let them know what they mean to you with this card in Christmas colours.


This card is perfect for Granny and Grandad and says everything you need to say this Christmas.


This lovely and traditional Christmas wreath will delight your grandparents this season.


This bright robin design is the perfect choice for all bird lovers. The charming nanny and grandad Christmas card is all about the message, and this thoughtful card ticks all the boxes.


Christmas Cards for Mum and Dad


This perfectly Christmassy wreath with a special message for Mum and Dad is a brilliant choice this Christmas. Available in warm autumn tones, or a smart blue design, whatever your taste you’ll find the right design.


This stand-out message says all you want to say this Christmas and reminds your Mum and Dad how grateful you are.


This sweet deer design is both artistic and personal, wishing your parents a Merry Christmas with some festive foliage too. Joyful, bright and meaningful, your Mum and Dad will simply love this card!


Christmas Cards with Cats


This artistic design is a great choice to give to the cat lover in your life. With all the colours of Christmas, it is the purrfect card to give!


This play on words is an ideal Christmas card with cats to give to someone this festive season.


Christmas Cards With Dogs


If you’re looking for the right Christmas card to give to someone that depicts man’s best friend, you’ve come to the right place! This delightful dog design brings a touch of festive cheer with autumnal colours and is finished with glitter.


With each loveable four-legged pal bringing a touch of Christmas to this fun design, all dog lovers will appreciate this colourful modern card.


This Christmas card brings together people’s favourite things! This festive funny design is ideal for any dog lover this Christmas.


Christmas Cards with Robins


This pretty robin design is a traditional option sure to ring all the bells this festive season.


This cheerful painted design captures the spirit of Christmas. Give this robin design to a loved one this Christmas which would look bright and festive on any mantelpiece.


Christmas Cards with Pandas


This cheery panda design is ideal for any grandparent to give to their grandson this Christmas, with a cosy scene sure to bring a smile to their face.


This sweet design keeps things simple while still giving a touch of Christmas cheer.


This delicate watercolour panda with a touch of gold is the perfect whimsical offering this Christmas.


Christmas Cards With Hedgehogs


This sweet hedgehog Christmas design is the perfect choice for a friend, family member or loved one this Christmas time. Depicting pinecones and holly branches, it’s bound to add a festive touch to any home.


This sweet artistic card keeps things merry with a hedgehog wearing a delightful Christmas hat! No matter who the recipient is, they will be sure to love this

Christmas, for many, is the only time in the year that many reconnect with old friends. Otherwise, it is the perfect time to remind your family and friends how much they mean to you. Sharing good wishes over the festive season is what Christmas is all about, and what better way to say it than with a beautiful card. Whether you opt for a bespoke, handmade card, or go for an option that’ll make them laugh or reminisce, find your perfect Christmas card with a little help from Decorque cards.


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