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My feature range is the innovative cork placemats, where the subtleties of colour and pattern are possible because of the specialist digital printing in the UK.  This material is a by-product of the cork stopper industry, imported from Portugal and is totally transformed by my creative flair into a new product for the home.  Take a closer look at the quality of the cork and detail in design on my video.  Pattern meets functionality!  The detail of the design on the cork is unique, whilst the versatile, heat-resistant, hard-wearing qualities of this natural, eco-friendly material makes it perfect for use in the home.  These are luxury placemats, made from excellent quality smooth sanded cork, which is 8mm deep with rounded edges are available in square, circular or rectangular shapes. Sold as a set of two, choose from my classic range of roses or delve into a world of butterflies, hummingbirds, feathers and panthers. To make it easier for you, these prices now include UK postage.