About Me

Hello and Welcome to Decorque Cards…

The sending of cards is a very important part of the U.K social culture. People still want to celebrate special occasions with loved ones and connect with people by sending a card. We feel pleased when we have found that perfect card for someone, and hope the amount time and thought is reflected in the pleasure they get from our choice.

I have always wanted to design my own greetings cards. I found it increasingly difficult to find cards with originality, that were not the usual mass produced selection. The response when I sell directly to customers at shows, fairs and festivals, is immensely gratifying, and confirms there are other like- minded people out there! At my last show the comments expressed were, ‘wonderful to see something different‘, ‘ I never expected to find such beautiful cards‘ , ‘Wow, now this is colour!‘ and ‘These cards are just too beautiful to send‘ My response to the latter is, well why not buy a frame and have it on your wall, after all these are original designs.

My handmade cards range has become one of the best selling lines for Decorque, which I felt needed a dedicated website to help, you find that perfect card.

I have a beautiful collection of digitally printed cards, sold in singles or packs, and my unique hand- crafted individual cards that can be personalised for most occasions.

When designing for my other Decorque products, there are elements of those designs I want to take further, selecting, adapting, redesigning and recolouring they are reinvented on a card.

My inspiration is always nature, I like to mix the indigenous British flora and fauna with the exotic, adding interesting textures and patterns. All the roses, and many other flowers and leaves featured in my designs are photographed in my own garden.

I like to keep the freshness of nature alive, whether drawn, hand-painted, photographed or drawn in Illustrator, when brought together in Photoshop, they come alive again in print.