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All the incredible creatures featured in this section are perfect in themselves; I just hope my hand painted portraits do them justice. I don’t think we can enhance the beauty of nature, but in my imagination, I have created a new habitats in my designs. If you are a big cat fan then the ‘Big Cat Reserve’ with the majestic lion and tiger may please you, or maybe you like the quirky ‘Lazy Leopard’ with its decorative form is just that and dramatic too; the mysterious ‘Clouded Leopard’ seen in real life at a local Wildlife Park really captivated me and may captivate you too! The ‘Zebra Secret Safari’ is a definite best seller and the Arizona desert with its rough terrain and indigenous wildlife makes an interesting scene in ‘Desert World’. We all love the Koalas and Pandas and like to think they are as cuddly as they look, so make great cards for both old and young. If it’s stunning colour and form that appeals, then look no further than the world of exotic birds, the ‘Tropical Toco Toucan’ and the ‘Birds of Paradise’ really do have that Wow factor!