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Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary Cards

Celebrating your golden wedding anniversary is a big achievement. 50 years of marriage is a milestone certainly worth celebrating! Finding the perfect 50th wedding anniversary card to give can make the occasion extra special. Whether you are looking for a wedding anniversary card for your husband, wife, parent or friend, you can get inspired with Decorque cards. With a range of handmade 50th wedding anniversary card ideas, and anniversary gift ideas too, you’ll be spoilt for choice with Decorque!

What is Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary?

Arguably one of the most celebrated wedding anniversaries, a Golden Wedding Anniversary commemorates 50 years of marriage. Seen as a notable milestone (it is half a century, after all!) it makes sense that the precious metal of gold is the traditional material and gift associated with this anniversary.  

What to Write in Golden 50th Anniversary Card?

If you’re struggling to find the right words to say, why not give choose one of the below messages to send? Sending congratulations and good wishes is part and parcel of any anniversary, but make a 50th anniversary extra special with one of the below messages:

  • Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary, wishing you all the best on this joyous occasion!
  • Wishing you health and happiness for the years ahead!
  • Best wishes for the golden couple; enjoy the day!
  • Your love is an inspiration; congratulations on 50 years!
  • The to the happy couple, and to the next 50!
  • Well done on reaching 50 years together! Hope you have a lovely day.
  • Congratulations – what a milestone! Hope you enjoy the day.

Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

As many may know, traditionally, for every year of marriage there is a unique material associated with that year. Some of the more notable milestones include:

  • 1 year – Paper
  • 5 years – Wood
  • 10 years – Tin
  • 25 years – Silver
  • 30 years – Pearl
  • 40 years – Ruby
  • 50 years – Gold

It is no surprise that for 50 years of marriage, gold is the metal of choice!

Our Favourite Golden 50th Anniversary Cards

To signify the occasion, it would make sense to find a sumptuous, completely original card that’s bound to wow the recipient. After all, it’s not every day you celebrate 50 years of marriage! Here at Decorque, we have a love for all things handmade. With handmade cards, you are giving a card that is truly one of a kind, full of thought and love. The care put into the card will shine through, making it a perfect choice for a golden anniversary card.

With a focus on handmade cards that are completely original and made at home, Decorque founder Lesley has created an array of handmade cards for all occasions. You can discover Decorque’s Golden Wedding Anniversary Cards below. You need look no further for the best golden anniversary ideas out there!

Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary Cards for Mum and Dad

This elegant, simple design is sure to stand out on any mantelpiece. The incredibly detailed floral card is full of detail, with deep hues of purple, violet and blue adding to this impactful design. This beautiful design features hand painted flowers, printed roses, butterflies and bees. Say it all with this floral card to celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary. 

This luxury handmade 50th Anniversary card is another great choice for your Mum and Dad. A luxury option, with plenty of artistic detail including glass gems, layering and flowers, it is sure to make your Mum and Dad’s day.  

This simplistic but rustic choice is a great option to give to your Mum and Dad for their 50th Anniversary. With a hanging heart containing a personalised message along with the dates of their marriage, this is a unique card that they’ll treasure for years to come.

Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary Cards for Husband

Perfect if your husband is the type to pop a bottle in celebration, this celebration card is a great choice for a golden wedding anniversary. Get in the mood for a fun night ahead with this handmade card, featuring 3D mounted effect. It is hand-cut with glass gems delicately finishing off this great design. 

This handmade husband anniversary card says it all simply, and keeps the romantic theme going with the colour scheme.  Remind your husband of what he means to you on this particularly special anniversary.

This card is hand illustrated and handmade, encapsulating the occasion perfectly with a message depicting ‘Happy Golden Anniversary’. Remind your husband of the amazing achievement you’ve made with this golden anniversary card and give it to him the only year you can!

Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary Cards for Wife

This elegant, simple design is sure to stand out on any mantelpiece. The incredibly detailed floral card is full of detail, with deep hues of purple, violet and blue adding to this impactful design. This beautiful design features hand painted flowers, printed roses, butterflies and bees. Your wife will love the intricate detailing of this beautiful card. Say it all with this floral card to celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary. 

Sumptuous and decorative, this happy anniversary card is a great option to give to your wife on your anniversary. Full of detail, with accents of red and pink denotes the feeling of love. It is comprised of a mixture of painted and photographic images. Finished with bright red glass gems, it is a work of art and a lovely choice for a golden anniversary card this year. You can find it here.

This delightful llama card is something to give that is a little different this year. Just because it is your 50th, you can still go for something completely unique and cheerful! If your wife is an animal lover this card will bring a smile to your face. You can buy this card here

Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary Cards for Grandparents

This is a great choice if you’re looking for golden anniversary cards for grandparents and want to give something completely unique. Handmade and mounted on high quality card, this card encapsulates the occasion perfectly. With a personal message congratulating the 50 years’ anniversary surrounded by golden wedding roses, this sumptuous card is a great choice.

For your grandparent’s anniversary, you want to make the effort and give a great card! This card has a unique message and is full of love, with a red and gold colour scheme and bold font that really stands out. You can personalise the message to make it extra special. Find this card here and add a smile to your grandparent’s faces on their very special day.

Depicting the exact date of the occasion, this is sure to delight your grandparents. With golden hearts and gem detailing, printed on fine quality card, this delicate design is a great keepsake and is completely unique. Find it here and give it to your grandparents on their 50th!

Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary Cards for Sister and Brother in law

This flamingo wedding anniversary card is a great choice for those looking for something a little different. Artistically decorated in bright pinks and exotic leaves, this card transports you to paradise. A unique choice for anybody, give it to your other half, close friend or parents for their 50th Anniversary. The subtle heart in the centre and glass gems add an extra glamourous touch to this card.

This golden anniversary card is a great choice if your sister and brother in law are slightly more traditional. With a golden ‘50’ complete with 3D flowers and butterflies, this card really does come to life and can even be personalised with the recipient’s names.

Rich in colour and detail, the colour purple complements the colours gold in this card, with painted roses surrounding a Golden Anniversary message. Ideal for your sister and brother in law, you can find it here.

Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary Cards for Friends

For something a little different, give this exotic shell card that is totally unique. Left for you to write your own message, a lover of everything under the sea would particularly love this card. On a dramatic black background, this card comes to life due to the rich colours of the shell and coral surrounding the border of this card. Featuring hand painted cards, you can find this design to give to your friend for their 50th Wedding Anniversary right here at Decorque cards.

Individual in colour and design, this cactus card is a modern choice for any occasion. If the recipient is a lover of quirky and original designs, they are sure to love this card. With rich colours, this utterly original card is hand painted with a dramatic black background. This handmade card is blank inside for your own message, so get thinking! You can find it right here at Decorque and give it as a 50th Anniversary card.

Looking for a touch of glamour with the 50th Anniversary card you give to your friend this year? This red and black butterfly handmade card is dramatic and bold, and is a modern option that would suit any couple with a love of nature.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

What is the Traditional Gift for a 50th Wedding Anniversary?

Traditionally, a gift involving gold is traditional for a 50th wedding anniversary. This doesn’t have to be real gold! For a golden wedding anniversary, the gift itself can be as important as the present! Perhaps you are looking for a golden wedding anniversary gift and need some inspiration to make sure you get it right. You may be on the hunt for some inspiration to get your husband/wife something really special. If this is you, not to worry! Along with our own range of superb, bespoke handmade gifts, we have selected a range of the best golden wedding gift ideas around so you can take the stress out of gift-giving and celebrate the occasion.

How Much Money Should You Give for a Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary?

In general, aim to give £50 if you are giving a money gift. This fits nicely with the occasion and is an amount with which the recipient can choose something really special.

Golden Anniversary Rose

Why not gift a golden wedding rose? Give a gift that keeps on giving with a rose that the recipient can plant and enjoy for years to come.

Should you Bring a Gift to a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party?

You don’t have to take a gift, but if you did decide, consider taking the following:

  • A bottle of bubbly
  • A card
  • Flowers

Our Favourite 50th Golden Anniversary Gifts

If you are looking for a completely original gift to give to celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary, then why not consider a handmade gift from Decorque? We’ve picked some of our favourites below.

Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Find the best gifts to give your husband, dad, brother or friend after 50 years of marriage right here!

These delightful his and hers mugs are a great addition to any mug cupboard and mark the special occasion in a way that’s sure to raise a smile. You can find these mugs online by clicking here.

For a completely original gift to give for a 50th wedding anniversary, why not go for this significant date newspaper print? Ideal to give as a golden anniversary gift, you can mark the special day and frame it. Go back in time and remind your spouse of the news on the day you tied the knot in this completely personal gift.

Other golden anniversary present ideas for him

  • Leather wallet
  • Personalised notebook
  • Tie & cufflinks
  • Culinary experience day

No matter what your partner’s interests are, you can find the perfect gift for them!

Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Now, everyone wants to be made to feel special on a big occasion. And what occasion is more special than a golden wedding anniversary?

This beautiful hand-crafted golden anniversary artwork will commemorate the occasion perfectly, depicting the date of your wedding complete with a detailed and intricate heart. Neatly framed so your other half can place it wherever they fancy, you can find this original gift here.

This personalised framed print is a great gift to give your loved one to celebrate your 50th year together. Completely yours, you can display it pride of place in your home and be reminded of your many years together every single day. What better present to give?

Other golden anniversary present ideas for her

  • A piece of jewellery
  • An experience day
  • Purse or bag
  • Flowers

Now, if that’s not enough to get you inspired about cards and gift for a golden anniversary, we don’t know what will! Make your loved one’s 50th anniversary extra special with Decorque. You can check out our entire range of handmade cards here, or contact us for more information.

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