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Patient Heron Card


The Patient Heron is just that, he bides his time standing quietly in or by the waters edge motionless like a statue just waiting for it's chance to snatch a passing fish. Unfortunately in this country we have to net our ponds to keep our fish safe from the opportunistic passing Heron. They nest upon high in oak woodlands and don't migrate like other birds therefore can be found all year round, a constant feature in our wonderful countryside. This is why I have chosen this amazing bird to be part of my Natural Wildlife Collection of cards. I have created an imaginery scene for these birds, fishing at the waters edge of a fresh water pond, with reeds, wild iris, grasses and cork textured branches to generate a living habitat for them and other wildlife. The birds and some of the foliage is hand-painted in water colour, other elements as the lilies and the cool ombre blue water are created in Illustrator and the whole image is brought together in Photoshop.

Perfect for all occasions.

Blank inside for your own message. Size 150 x 150 mm

Printed on quality card 280gsm with a satin finish. Supplied with a buff envelope.

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